Autographed Copy of The Scrum Master Files Paperback Book

Autographed Copy of The Scrum Master Files Paperback Book

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Do you think that being a Scrum Master is about recording notes, scheduling events and creating burndown charts for the Product Owner and the Developers? If you answered yes, you are confusing a Scrum Master with a Project Manager. It’s one of the biggest mistakes new Scrum Masters make.

An adequate Scrum Master may introduce Sprints and Events. But only a truly great Scrum Master understands that Scrum Mastery has nothing to do with being this kind of a crutch for people. Scrum Masters are coaches who understand how to help people help themselves to achieve their goals and objectives.

In The Scrum Master Files, trusted coach and Certified Scrum Trainer Angela Johnson takes you through her journey from Project Manager to Scrum Master. She helps you learn through her own failures what it means to coach Developers, Product Owners and Organizations in changing the way they work with Scrum. 

The case studies in this book put you in the Scrum Master role and help you see what went wrong and how to make things right using real-world scenarios.

You’re about to discover:

  • The people skills necessary to be a great Scrum Master
  • Why Scrum Masters are Servant Leaders and not secretaries
  • What coaching is and more importantly, what it is not
  • The value of Scrum Master as a neutral, objective facilitator
  • What a Scrum Master can do to navigate conflict
  • How to identify coachable and teachable moments

The secrets shared in this book are not exclusive to Scrum Masters! 

If you are an agile coach, leader, trainer, mentor, facilitator, team member or just work with people, this book is for you. You will unlock the secrets to working better together.